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Hey Folks,

This lesson is sure to put some fire back into those tired old scale exercises. Plus if you feel like your soloing is in a rut, don't worry!!! Just a simple adjustment and some cool phrasing ideas, and your well on your way!!!!

Okay, let's get started shall we.

All of the examples are a simple one octave C Major scale. Example 1. shows the scale in two eighth note groupings. Notice the accent above the first eighth note of each grouping. Be sure to play that accent louder than the non-accented note.

Now Example 2. we have the same one octave C Major scale in eighth notes only, instead of groupings of two, it is now in groupings of three. Again, be sure to play those accents!!! This is where your phrasing comes from.

Example 3. is an easy one. If you got through Example 1, Example 3 should give you no problem. Instead of groupings of two, they are now groupings of four. Again, be sure to play those accents!!!

Example 4 is a bit more difficult now that you have gone beyond any groupings of two or four. Play this one slow and make sure to get those accents. This will feel weird at first because of the odd grouping.

Example 5 is similar to Example 2 where you are now grouping in groups of six instead of three. Practice this slow as well. Your not running any races here. It's all about the feel.

Last but not least we have Example 6 which gives us groupings of seven. You know what to do.

Remember to practice these slow at first. Accuracy is the most important thing there. Also play around with different groupings too. How about a group of two and a group of three giving you a total phrase of five. Or a group of four and a group of five giving you nine total. Now you've got something that takes you over the barline. Hmmmm........ Maybe next lesson we'll do some of that!!!!!

Until next time - Peace,


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